Stanage Mar 2014

Attended by:

Paul Hyland, Dave Chidgey, Patrick Heston, Mike Sutton, Rich Armstrong, Steph Palmer, Jack McMullin.

The 1st outdoor climbing event arrived with trepidation of what the weather will throw at us.  In fact it was great, overcast at first then sunny spells then big blue skies before clouding over again shortly before we started our homeward trip.

Seven of us arrived at the “Toy Shop” in Hathersage around 10am for the necessary pit stop and browse before heading to the Popular End of Stanage.

We split into three groups of Dave C and Rich, Mike  S and Patrick and Paul, Steph and Jack.  Steph and Jack had never climbed on the God of rock types before or placed any gear, so a quick demonstration of how it is placed and more importantly for 2nd’s how to remove it.

Some fairly easy routes were climbed, before Jack and Steph had their 1st leads using preplaced gear on a VDiff before lunch.  After lunch some Severe’s and Hard Severe’s were tackled and Jack and Steph both got there 1st clean on-sight leads, on Severe grade as well.  Well done.

A great day was had by all I’m sure.  pics here

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