Ogwen Valley – 15th July 2007

We turned up late on Friday night luckily just managed to pitch the tent on the soaked ground before it began raining again!! Many people had decided against coming on the meet due to the bad whether however Saturday morning it all seemed promising. A few texts later and still not many people takers. Oh well in knowing the weather was going to be bad we had brought our bikes and Ben and I went mountain biking at Coed Brenin. We did the Tarw trail and it was fantastic. It’s the first time we had ridden on a purpose built course and it makes an amazing difference sweet technical downs and challenging ups made it a fantastic route. The weather was even good! We finished of with some good cake and coffee from the visitors centre and an excellent shower before heading back to camp to meet Dave.

The three of us not deterred by the degenerating weather had a wet and windy  BBQ then headed off for lots of nice pints of spitfire down the pub!

Sunday weather was very changeable so we decided not to climb and had a great scramble up South Gully tryfan and then onto Bristly Ridge. The weather stayed fair all day in the end and we took a while admiring the view on top of Glydar Fach. Nice and relaxing after the last time we were up there doing the Welsh 3000! We met some fellow three thousanders who still had a long way to go but offered them lots of support. I hope they finished!

image001  image003 image005 image007 image009




Once back down we managed to get a bit of climbing in on Tryfan Bach which was an excellent end to a good day. All round good weekend, and not as wet as was expected.


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